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  Shugakuin-Rikyu Top Lower Villa (Shimono-ochaya) Middle Villa (Nakano-Ochaya) Upper Villa (Kamino-ochaya)        
  Cw@{ Shugakuin-Rikyu  
Shugakuin Imperial Villa (Shugakuin-Rikyu) was constructed by the design of the Ex-emperor Gomizunoo from 1653 to 1655.
Gomizunoo decided the construction site and created the plan from plants to trees using miniature model.

Gomizunoo made use of sloping land smartly and adopted garden techinique Shakkei (making use of the surrounding landscape), borrowing landscape of Kyoto Valley and Hieizan Mountains.
Shugakuin-Rikyu is a great scale garden which consists of a large pond made by checking streams,Tanada(terraced rice field and wooden architectures.

The area is 540,000 szuare meters.
There are three villas, upper villa(kaminoochaya), middle villa(nakanoochaya) and lower villa(shimonoochaya).
Each villa has a garden and wooden architectures.

The tour of Shugakuin-Rikyu is hosted by the Imperial Household Agency Kyoto Office. It takes 90 minutes to walk the regular routte, lower, middle and upper villa.
Lower Villa (Shimono-ochaya)  
 Jgetsukan and garden  
Middle Villa (Nakano-Ochaya)  
Rakushi-ken and garden  
Upper Villa (Kamino-ochaya)  
Yokuryuchi, Rin-untei and
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  Shugakuin-Rikyu Top Lower Villa (Shimono-ochaya) Middle Villa (Nakano-Ochaya) Upper Villa (Kamino-ochaya)        
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