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  Shugakuin-Rikyu Top Lower Villa (Shimono-ochaya) Middle Villa (Nakano-Ochaya) Upper Villa (Kamino-ochaya)        
  修学院離宮  下御茶屋  
  Shugakuin-Rikyu  Shimono-ochaya (Lower Villa)  
When Gommizunoo arrived at Shugakuin-Rikyu, he entered Jugetsukan
at Okoshiyose.
Jugetsukan was the resident place of Ex-emperor in Shugakuin-
Miyukimon gate square
The square is surrounded by high conifers and broad leaf trees.

We feel embraced by the nature and have high expectations for the
observation tour.
Miyukimon gate
This simple gate has thatched gable roof covered with shingles.
The door of Miyukimon gate has an openwork crest of a diamond-shaped flower at the
This crest is favoed by Gomizunoo and is seen at many places in
this Villa.
Middle gate
Middle gate leads to Jugetsukan garden.
Jugetsukan Okosiyose
Jugetsukan is located higher than the pond. There are stone steps.
Sodegata Toro
Sodegata type is also known as a "Waniguchi" type.
Jugetsukan stands on an embarkment beside the pond.
Stone wall can be seen from the pond.
Ishibashi (stone bridge)
The scenery is looked back the path from the Nakajima island.
Chosen Toro
This garden lantern is layed at the uphill stone steps from the pond.
The stream borderd by stones is located in the midde of the garden.
Stepping stones
Stepping stones lie across the stream.
Yaguragata Toro
Behind the Yaguragata Toro, there was a two story building "Wankyokukaku" that had superb view.
East Gate and fence
 Higashiyama mountains can be seen beyond the fence. Those
mountains are so called "Shakkei" borrowing landscape.
Shiraito-no-taki fall
Shiraito-no-taki fall
Real Shiraito-no-taki lies at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
This scenery is a miniature of Mt. Fuji area.
The triangle stone behind the fall stands for Mt. Fuji.

When mouse over, real Shiraito-no-taki and Mt. Fuji can be seen.
From Ichinoma to Sannnnoma
Ichinoma is a right tatami room.
The middle room is Ninoma.
The left room is Sannnoma.
Garden panorama
This panorama is the garden viewed from Jugetsukan.

The scenery from left Shiraito-no-taki to right Yaguragata Toro can be seen at a glance.
When Shojis are removed, Ichinoma becomes wide and open space.

Former panorama can be seen from Ichimnoma.
 3 jou in 15 jou is Jodan (raised floor) for the noblest person.

 Ichinoma Kazaridana (decoration shelf)
Flying Tancho crane is painted on the upper cabinet.

Orchid and rock are peinted on the lower cabinet.
Zaityu Hara peinted them at the late Edo Period.
 Ichinoma Fusuma picture
Fusuma picture of Suiboku-ga "Torakei-Sansho-zu"
Three laughing wise men, tiger and valley are depicted.
This picture was painted by Koma Kishi in the late Edo Period.
Tablet of Jugetsukan
The Tablet of Jugetsukan is a genuine autograph of Gomizunoo.

It is hung under the eaves of Ichinoma.
Jugetsukan viewed from Higashimon gate
Jugetsukan can be seen among thick trees.
It shows the atomosphere of an old hermitage in the deep mounttains.
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  Shugakuin-Rikyu Top Lower Villa (Shimono-ochaya) Middle Villa (Nakano-Ochaya) Upper Villa (Kamino-ochaya)        
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