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True Stepping Stone 
Structure of Goten
High floor style is very suitable to see wide garden.
The style has other practical merit that is preparation for flood of the Katsura River and has good ventilation effect.
Whole view of Goten
The layout of Goten is similar to the flock of wild goose.
It is called flight of wild geese.
Tsukimidai(Moon viewing valcony)
Katsurarikyu was planned and structured elaborately as the moon viewing stage.
Tsukimidai has just bamboo floor grates.
It has no wall and ceiling.
When viewing inside the room, moon can be preceived by reflection of moon light on the

The pond and moon viewed from Tsukimidai in the twilight
The pond and moon viewed from Tsukimidai in the twilight
The Katsura area is located near the Katsura River, and was famous for moon viewing from ancient times.
Many fascinating Waka(Japanese poem) as a theme of moon were compose by noted Kajin(Waka poet) in Heian Era.

When mouse on the photo, twilight scenery can be seen.
The virtual time of image processed moon is as follows.
September 15 2016 6 p.m.
Tyuusyu-no-meigetsu (the harvest moon)
Kibashi(wooden Bridge)
The Kibashi connects Goten and Nakajima(Shinsenjima island)
Kinshotei can be seen in the back.B
View from Gepparo
View from Gepparo
The pond, Kinshotei and plants are positioned with
splendid balance.
The scenery shows calm countryside.
The mind of viewer comes to be peace and serene.
Nobedan connects to Maeniwa
(front yard)
Nobedan connects to Maeniwa(front yard) The contrast of two beauty, straight line of Nobedan and curve line of stone layout, bears splendid constitution art.
Gepparo is called Aki-no-Chaya(autmn tea house)
The structure is a thatched yosemune-zukuri (hipped roof structure).

Nakanoma has bamboo grates floors of two sides.
So, very wide outside view can be seen from the room.

Ship's bottom ceiling
The attic structure is called ship's bottom ceiling .
Thick and thin bamboos support wide arsh-reed screens.
The name Gepparo is quoted from the poem of old Chinese poet Hakurakuten.
Kitchen has wide earthen floor, range and shelf.
They are arranged to use easily.
View of the pond from Ninoma
Gepparo is built with the intent to see waving moon light that is reflected on the water surface of pond.
This house is designed so that reflected moon light from water surface illuminates the ceiling of Gepparo.
The scenery of opened Shoji seems lika an splendid picture in the frame.
Doma(earthen floor)
Surrond Doma, rooms are positioned in U-shaped.
When all Shoji are opend, the views of three directions can be seen at the same time.
The structure of Gepparo makes guests relieved and open-minded.
Okoshi-yose Maeniwa(sedan-chair porch and front yard)
Mutsu-no-kutsunugi(Six pairs of shoes stoop)
is big mikageishi(granite) where noble person gets off the sedan-chair.
The size is 2.7m that six pairs of shoes line up.
There is washbowl made of tall cut stone on the right hand.
(Stepping stones of truth)
This group of stones is called Shin-no-tobiishi(Stepping stones of truth), because whole assemly is assumed as one complete beautiful stone.
The size is 9.4m length 75cm width.
44 pices of cut granite stones are artfully assembled.
Nakamon gate
This gate is the end of the Katsura-rikyu tour route.
Nakamon gate
This gate has thatched@gable roof and four polished cedar log pillars.
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