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True Stepping Stone 
Mountain Path
Hotarubashi bridge cnnects to steep upward mountain slope.
Stepping stones are laid on the slope.
The trees of both side hide the garden sight.
Top of the Mountain Path
At the top of the Mountain Path, the sight opnes and a part of Shoin can be seen.
Seeing the pond from Mountain Path
The pond and island can be seen between trees on the right side.
The height is higher than expected.
Shokatei has highest elevation in Katsurarikyu.
It is called Toge no Chaya(Teahouse of mountain pass).
Once the guests enjoyed tea with looking down the pond and Syoin.
But now, trees hide those scenery.
Bamboo lattice window
Tatami floors are arranged around the earthen floor and Bamboo lattice windows surround them.
Before trees have grown up, surrounding scenery could be seen through Bamboo lattice window.

Earthen floor
Earthen floor is desingned in the form that bunches of several little stones are embedded at a regular interval.

Panorama 5
After going down from Shokatei, the pond can be seen widely at Dobashi bridge.
Fresh feeling comes up as if sea shore opens throughout mountain path suddenly.
Shoin and Dobashi
Elegant Shoin, Dobashi, pond and@vegetation present beautiful balanced composition.
Shoin and Dobashi
Same place as former photo, using telephoto lens.
Framing Shoin and Dobashi into proper balance.
This is Buddhism temple where Ihai (Buddhist mortuary tablet) of Royal families are kept.
Enrindo has the sole tiled roof in katsurarikyu.
Karahahu(Chinese gable)
Front roof is Karahahu style.
Karahahu is not intoroduced from China.
It's characteristic in Japanese architecture.
Looking back Enrindo through Dobashi
It shows the atomosphere of an old temple in the deep mounttains.

Seeing Enrindo beyond the pond
Seeing Enrindo beyond the pond
Enrido is an only special house that has religious atomosphere.
Shoiken is the biggest in the tea house.
There is a wharf in front of the house.
Tsuki(overhanging roof)
The roof is overhanging on the earthen floor.
The pillars stand on the soil or stone.
This space make border of inside and outside ambiguous.
Therefore, guests enjoyed tea, wine, dinning, Waka(composing Japanes short poem), and music, regadress of iside or outside of the house.
In the pond, they played boat and fishing.

Round window
Kuchinoma room has six round windows.
The frame of Shoiken is hung under the eaves.
Famous checkered pattern of velvet can be seen
under the back room's window.

Nobedan(Stone-laden path)
Nobedan expands in front of Syoiken.
Nobedan(Stone-laden path)
The length is 26m which is longer than Syoiken.
Stone arrangement of Nobedan is big flat stones outside and colorful small stones inside.
Chozubachi(hand washbowl)
Many fascinating figured stepping stones are installed on the earthen floor elaborately.
Those fascinating stones are gathered from the all over Japan.
The Chozubachi(hand washbowl) is named Ukituki(floating moon on the water).

Stepping stones on the earthen floor
Figure, color and layout of tepping stones are interesting points.
Window and wall of Nakanoma
Below the window, there is the wall that has modern design.
The gold foil parallelogram divides checkered pattern of dark blue and dark red velvet.

Beyond the Shoji(paper screen), there is the bamboo balcony.

Once, farmer's working scenery could be seen from the opened Shoji.
Downstairs for the wharf

Most houses in the garden have a wharf beside them for the purpose of boat playing and transportation.

Viewing the entire Wharf
This pond is relatively big pond for a wharf.
The Dobashi bridge is structured high at the center so that a boat can pass through easily.
In the Edo Period, boats were able to row out to the Katsura River easily and the guests enjoyed boating.
Scenery of Dobashi bridge
Since there are some kinds of maple, beautiful autmumn leaves are expected.

Dobashi bridge
Viewing the same Dobashi bridge of above photo from differnt angle
Diversity of plants can be seen in this scenery.
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